GATE CSE Aspirants – Focus the Topic-wise MCQs on to Crack the Exam 

 July 4, 2022

MCQs have become one of the most important segments of any competitive examination. Multiple choice questions, or MCQs, are one of the most effective ways for candidates to evaluate their understanding of a topic. GATE exam administrators are always on the lookout for candidates who are well-versed in their respective subjects and streams, and GATE MCQ questions are important in the present exam format.


On the basis of existing practices, patterns, and trends, there are many platforms which always gather a collection of GATE MCQ questions for students. MCQs have become a part of every discipline; students need to uncover them depending on their stream. For example, if a candidate belongs to the computer science stream, then they need to focus on the OS MCQs, dbms MCQs, data structure MCQs, arrays MCQs, and a lot more.

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Mode of MCQs

MCQ tests can be administered using both online and offline platforms, depending on the administrator’s preference. The system will analyse appropriate replies automatically. In the MCQ, the exam creator or the question paper creator will design the questions and provide some options that are near the correct answer. Educators can also generate a graph or a survey report to see how all students performed on a specific exam. Mock tests can be found on the internet as well. Students can increase their level of performance by taking this mock test. We may customise the text, add photos and audio recordings, and output the results as HTML files using numerous test, quiz, and exercise templates.

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Importance of MCQ Test in the Competitive Examination

  • The MCQ test evaluates each question to identify which is the most practicable.
  • It has a good level of dependability and originality.
  • They mostly emphasise a series of matters that are designed in a short amount of time.
  • In the setting of basic and complex questions, the knowledge gained and learning experience is quite concentrated.
  • We can check the learning level of students and their understanding of a subject.
  • True and False alternatives are very opinion-based, and they can be used to assess a student’s ability.
  • The progress bar depicts the student’s proficiency and comprehension level.
  • It aids in learning in a short amount of time.
  • This MCQ pattern is used in most competitive exams in India to test fundamental knowledge in a certain topic.
  • This strategy can be used with any age group of people, as well as school and college students and teachers.
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MCQ test has so many advantages; let’s find out here:

  • If a student has a problem memorising the long answers, however, they have the practical knowledge and great learning skills, then MCQs are a great alternative for them.
  • Students can get a variety of mock tests on the internet, including the MCQs. So they can easily practice them.
  • The MCQ test is visible in the context of the question, so the question paper creator can easily find the information by seeing it.


Some of the disadvantages of MCQs are:

  • If the luck element is taken into account, the candidate can effortlessly guess the answer.
  • MCQs are surely a good option, but when it comes to an excellent selection, students need to focus on the descriptive mode also.
  • The educators are unable to evaluate students’ deeper understanding of the specific subject.
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So, through this article, we have uncovered many aspects of the MCQ paper. If you are planning to appear in the GATE 2023 examination, then it is a good idea to explore some of the GATE MCQs. It will help you understand the exam mode in a better way.


Make sure you practise the previous years’ question papers to gain more knowledge about the exam and subject.

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