Types of logos: Examples and descriptions of logos 

 June 14, 2022

Every company, even the small ones, must begin somewhere. It is this factor that determines the success of your business. What is it? Of course, a logo!

Is a logo a symbol?

Logos are a visual representation of your business, company or brand. It’s the symbol that demonstrates the aesthetic appeal of your services or products. By using it, you will be known, remembered and will be will be used in the future.

What is the reason for a logo?

A logo is advertising elements that is only paired with the function of a salesperson. By having an identity, you can hire as a consultant in the publicity for your brand as well as in increasing your sales. This way, you’ll be known and will in the correct moment, we will be contacted by connecting the issue with the visual image of your brand.

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Typeface logo

Let’s begin with the most basic logo, which is a graphic logo. It is comprised of only your name and the business that is drawn in its corporate font. Fonts can be pre-made and also custom-designed. However, if you wish to present your self-sufficiency as a serious business, it’s better to go with the unique design of the font. You can be more confident in something unique A person’s subconsciously examines the typeface at first glance, and keeps beneath its “crust” those first emotions. There is nothing unique about the standard fonts, that have become a part of our culture. They are often associated with monotony and staleness. A few people are surprised by a font that is standard, written in Word.

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A few guidelines and rules:

  • The name of the business is not required to be lengthy A single word is better. In short sentences, you can express the beauty of letters and their relationship with each other. Imagine what Google will look using their colored letters in three four words. A clear visual oversaturation, and Kindergarten. When the title is lengthy the abbreviation should be appropriate will be discussed in the future.
  • Very good, in the event that it is possible to include in a font’s logo that expresses emotion or concept that can make the right impressions. For instance, if the name of the company is written in a vintage, thin font with frills , associations is not going to be the identical.
  • Beware of unneeded effects from fonts. They include shadows, volume and complex gradients, unreadable fonts and many more. Because this logo does not carry added semantic significance as a symbol that the font as well as the name should clearly and clearly express the meaning.
  • If everything is properly done Also, it is crucial to take note of the ease of using the logo. The right scaling is achieved without sacrificing quality and clarity. This is a great option for printing on small sizes like on pen pens.
    A lot of companies use it for multiple services, in which the logo doesn’t emphasize the same type of service.
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Some examples of famous logos are: Beats, Mango, Braun.

Lettering / handwritten logo

This is a subspecies within an inscription logo, however its distinguishing feature is the style of writing. In general, it’s always a custom-designed design or a revision to the font that is already in use. Because there are hardly any available, gorgeous fonts that are made that are in this style, particularly in the case of Cyrillic. It is because the Latin letters are elegant and fascinating and easy to communicate with one another and Cyrillic appears rough and a lot of letters are hard to “neighbor” with each other. When it comes to lettering, it is importantthat each letter is designed individually and are particular to the name. It is essential to rearrange the letters before the complete visual picture is lost.

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A few suggestions:

  • Avoid lengthy names and unneeded effects.
    It’s best to stick with one color or an even gradient.
  • Ideal for creative activities and establishments for youth (cafe barbershop, cafe photographer, artist musician, etc. ).
  • A lot of companies use it for multiple services, in which the logo is not focusing on any specific type of business.
  • Potential problems in printing at different sizes and on various media.
  • For many artists it can be difficult to achieve, as it requires a more thorough understanding and understanding of form construction.

Some famous logos that are similar to this: Hustle, Pussion, Adumob.

Logo abbreviation

This kind of logo is typically chosen due to its lengthy name, which must be reduced and elegantly presented. It’s a good choice “Bayerische Motoren Werke” would be difficult to see the car, but it is much simpler to remember and imagine it as “BMW”. It is often used as an identity logo, if the name is composed of multiple founders, or even for their own sake:) For example, numerous clothing brands are built upon this model.

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A few peculiarities:

  • Utilize the abbreviation for an individual logo, either in the form of a sign , or in conjunction with all the details.
  • Don’t use unnecessary colors as well as effects.
  • Might not work for companies that are new and it is crucial to communicate the significance of every name.
  • Particularly if it is a reflection of the nature of the particular activity.
  • If it is approached with care If the logo is designed with care, it will be likely to be distinctive.
  • Space for creativity, ideal for all businesses and activities.

Some examples of distinctive logos: Gucci, HP, PID.

Trademark and Sign

The type of logo can be made without a font. Only available to established companies that are giants in the field which a lot of people know about and are familiar with the name. They are able to afford to remove the typeface and leave just the brand. One example of this is logos that are used in the automotive industry. These logos have developed with their respective companies and their customers. They have built up decades of recognition for their brands. A different approach is possible for companies that are new, and the sign clearly states the kind of company.

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Possible possible nuances:

  • There aren’t many businesses that can be advised.
  • It is easy to use and to use in certain situations.
  • Remind people of a solid and well-known business.

Famous logos that are similar to this: MTS, Apple, Starbucks.

Sign + logo

This is the most well-known and well-known kind of logo. It is a typeface as well as a distinct sign. The sign is a complement to the title. There are no limitations, you can utilize different fonts and images. The style of execution can be any and position of the sign in relation to the font. If properly implemented this kind of logo can be used in a variety of ways and can therefore be recommended to all.

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The basics:

  • Watch out for details, the number of effects, and colors.
  • The readability of fonts.
  • It may not scale well enough, but it all depends on the design.

Some famous logos are: Adidas, Xerox, Sberbank.


Every type of logo is able to be used in the modern world. Any person who says that intricate logos don’t function, aren’t in fashion , and so on is incorrect. Simple signs are the best in the present. Everything depends on correct tasking, which has to be completed by a person. A professional approach can meet the requirements for the business in the near future.

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