Top 8 Marketing Tools for Your Business  

 July 12, 2022

To keep growing the company, you need new customers. This requires resources and considerable expense – especially considering that the cost of attracting customers has increased by 50% in the last 5 years.


American retailer Walmart uses over 100 different methods for this purpose, and the most reliable online sportsbook also implements such techniques to attract more customers. We’ve compiled the most common of them with descriptions: who fits, what to do, and what “tricks” to use.

Email Marketing

Who to use: grocery companies, online stores, offline and online services.


According to HubSpot, more than 90% of Internet users use email every day, and 59% say emails influence their buying decisions. And according to McKinsey & Company, emails are 40 times more effective at getting leads than social media.

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How to work with email marketing:

  • Don’t send emails to people who haven’t signed up for them.
  • Reject clickbait – the subject line should make sense. Most annoying in mailings are provocations and promises: “Only three hours to go…”, “Your last chance…”.
  • Implement personalization. Spotify, for example, sends users a Discover Weekly playlist every week. It’s a compilation of 30 songs the app thinks might be of interest. The recommendation model is based on the user’s activity history.

Contextual Advertising on Google

Who to use: those who need quick leads and results, and the business works in a highly competitive niche (difficult to reach the top of search results).

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Contextual ads are ads that are shown to users on different resources according to search queries. For example, a person looking for a branding agency in Las Vegas. If the ad “hooked”, he will go to the site.


Contextual advertising is run on search engines, social networks and thematic platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Amazon Seller Central.

Dynamic Remarketing

Who to use: online stores and services.


Dynamic remarketing allows you to show the user products that he previously viewed. For example, a person was looking for a smartphone, but left the site without buying anything. After a while he might see ads for that online store on Google.

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How to use dynamic remarketing so as not to “drain” the budget:

  • Use tools to personalize emails. For example, you can offer the customer a discount on a group of products he was interested in.
  • Implement machine learning technologies. They allow you to determine what the user is interested in and where he is. Based on that data, the system chooses who to show ads to.

Integrated SEO Promotion

Who to use: a business with a website.


According to research, users search for something on Google and other search engines at least 3-4 times a day. This means that not only is it important for a business to create a website but also to make sure that it appears on the first pages of search engines for relevant queries. This requires SEO promotion.

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How to optimize your site for search engines:

  • Internal SEO: Create quality content with keywords, links in the text to other articles on the site. Make sure that the data on the pages is easy to read, texts are divided into paragraphs and images are not cropped when viewed from mobile devices.
  • External SEO: Buy backlinks-from external sites to internal pages of your resource. A survey by a London-based digital marketing agency found: 63% of SEO experts believe that buying links has a positive effect on a site’s search engine ranking. You can get backlinks for free: post links to web pages on social networks, as well as become an active member of platforms like Reddit, and promote your site there.
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Local SEO

Who to use: small, medium-sized businesses that promote in their city or area and have a physical address.


Local SEO promotion allows you to get to the top of searches in a particular region. An example is when someone searches for “shoe repair in San Diego” and finds a repair shop. Sign up for online directories – for example, Google My Business. That way the business will start showing up on Google Maps, and you’ll increase your chances of getting into the top 3 results – which are shown below the geo map.

Targeting in Social Networks

Who to use: B2C segment, info-business, mobile app developers.

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The number of mobile subscribers by 2023 will reach 5.7 billion, or 71% of the world’s population. Users have switched to smartphones, many of them have social network accounts – 4.33 billion as of April 2021. That’s a huge and active audience. But how do you find your customer? With targeted advertising. It responds to certain parameters: gender, age, education, geolocation, interests.


Such advertising can be seen in the feed and stories, in the recommended section, in the desktop version of social networks.


Before setting up targeting:

  • Define the purpose of the campaign: brand promotion, expanding the loyal audience or increasing sales.
  • Study the target audience, create a portrait of the client: age, gender, field of activity, interests, geolocation.
  • Analyze your competitors and see what you can improve: profile design, assortment and prices, content, advertising.
  • Think through ad formats, texts and creatives. Develop several versions of each ad – different in style and content for specific audience segments.
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Surveys on Social Networks

Who to use: businesses with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok profiles.


The tool will help to collect data about potential clients and sell the service. An example of a survey for a dental clinic:


Why do you rarely visit the dentist?

  • No money
  • Afraid of
  • Teeth are in good condition, I only go for preventive care.


Create a survey with your answer choices, and post it on your social network and in themed publishers. Based on the results, offer a discount on a limited time service through targeted advertising or an email newsletter. Show video testimonials from people who say it doesn’t hurt at all to have their teeth treated by you.

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Crowd Marketing

Who to use: online stores, cleaning companies, mass and in-demand product or service, startups.


Crowdmarketing is the publication of custom reviews and comments about a company on sites and forums that are the same subject as the site being promoted. How it works: the user bought a product and decided to talk about it on the forum. He left a comment and added a link to the online store where he placed the order. The link looks organic and no one is suspicious – even if the link is purchased.

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